While growing up, we learned education was the key to success and education shapes the young ones to become the leaders of the future. Education was the bedrock of our values and the conveyor of our destiny.

No wonder Ekiti, the reputed home of intelligentsia was aptly described as the Fountain of Knowledge. Sadly, the story has changed. At best, we now relish in the old glory. But all hope is not lost, we will re-write the story!

We shall focus on LEARNING OUTCOMES by promoting EQUITABLE ACCESS to QUALITY EDUCATION that promotes creativity, innovation and skills development. Our educational targets shall be economic productivity and sustainable livelihoods in Ekiti. We will place emphasis on critical learning and provide students with tools to acquire life skills through practical exposure to real life experiences and purposeful contact with entrepreneurship.

We will encourage innovation and put deliberate mechanisms in place to identify and promote talents.

My team and I will provide leadership for our mission to prepare Ekiti for the fourth industrial revolution: by creating a viable workforce, our young people, and produce the next generation of innovators from Ekiti educational institutions.


    December 17, 2020 REPLY

    Clear vision,K.A is ready!

    December 17, 2020 REPLY

    An average Ekiti people think of cost than value. How I wish Ekiti people can reason with you sir without party sentimental to give you a trial.

    December 17, 2020 REPLY

    Excellent , u are well spoke sir you are almost there and nothing can’t stop you to become the next Governor of EKITI STATE in Jesus mighty name

    December 17, 2020 REPLY

    Long overdue for us in Ekiti, but rather late than non. You have touched a thousand lives in private sectors across the Country as a very hardworking, intelligent, and God fearing son of Ekiti. Now the turn of every Ekiti Kete to benefit from your wealth of experience and mission to transform our land.
    Now that you are ready for us, we are happy to support you.

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