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Communication in Governance

A good leader is a good communicator. A leader uses the power of effective communication to promote a sense of optimism about a brighter future and an end to despair and fear. Keeping people informed about developments and taking pro-active and responsive measures when the occasion demands are true tests of leadership. Sincere leadership ensures that the marriage between truth and fairness never breaks down!

Sadly, we are in a country where these ideals are no longer in vogue. The lust for power and desperate preservation of vested interests have left little or no room for the love and care that the people deserve. This remains a huge clog on the wheel of progress in Nigeria.

Sincere and ethical leadership is the government that has the people as its primary focus. Ekiti deserves a government that upholds the virtue of truth and integrity. The one that stands for complete transparency and accountability. I enjoin you to work with me to restore Ekiti to the path of progress come 2022.

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