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Security: An Essential Governmental Role

Security: An Essential Governmental Role

In recent weeks, before our very own eyes, what started as a protest against Police brutality escalated into riots and the break down of law and order. Lives were lost, properties were damaged, businesses were torched and looted resulting to billions of Naira being lost to a chaos that festered due to the inability of our rulers to ensure its exclusive duty – to secure!

Providing security does not only include arresting and prosecuting offenders, it involves the ability to provide a low crime, conducive and law abiding environment for the populace through early identification of security risk situations and tackling them before they escalate further.
In doing this, force is not always the best answer. Dialogue, mediations and court sanctions are effective instruments and tools.

But leaders must also understand that crime is a symptom of deprivation and the lack of opportunity for the young people in most cases. It has been globally recognized that unemployment is a key promoter of social troubles. Without restoring the hopes of the growing population of our unemployed youths, it will be difficult to rule out cases of desperation, social degradation, drug abuse and other forms of criminal activities.

We need a visionary leader who has a good understanding of the linkages between the socio-political issues involved in managing security challenges. Someone who is willing to have difficult conversations that will result in real and tangible results for the people.

I, Kayode Adaramodu, having checked all boxes and armed with a competent team of planners, do implore you to join me as I contest to be the Chief Security Officer (Governor) of Ekiti-State come 2022.

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