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Kayode Adaramodu on Ekiti's Agro Industries

Transforming Ekiti’s Agro-Industries

In order to maximise the potentials of agriculture in terms of employment generation and wealth creation, we shall develop the agro-processing sector. Agro-processing provides a means of converting raw agricultural materials into final goods for consumption or semi-finished goods, which can go a long way in generating income, employment, and contributing to the overall economic development of Ekiti State.

Ekiti is rich in arable crops, ranging from yam to rice, cowpea, maize, cassava, citrus, plantain and banana. Cocoa, oil-palm, timber, cashew, kolanut, robber are cash crops that equally grow well in Ekiti. Under our ‘One District One Product Initiative”, arable crops and livestock will form the basis of our agro-business development in Ekiti North senatorial district. We will establish agro-export clusters in the Southern district to take advantage of the abundance of cash crops in that part of the state.

By locating processing plants in rural areas, closer to the farmers, Ekiti will be creating the much-needed market for the enhancement of agricultural productivity and increased farm household incomes. The agricultural wastes produced in one location can equally be transformed into useful products elsewhere while the associated cost of bringing similar food items from outside the state would be saved when we produce locally.

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