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Kayode Adaramodu on Ekiti's Agro Industries

Transforming Our Agro-Industries

Agro-Industries are industries connected with agriculture. They process agricultural produce into final goods for consumption or semi-finished goods. Agro-industries provide a means of converting raw agricultural materials into valued adding end products which can go a long way in generating income, employment, and contributing to the overall economic development of a State.

Ekiti is abundant in both cash and arable crops in all its 16 LGAs. Agro-industries offer a lot of benefits to us as it does not only create developmental opportunities, it also employs and increases the standard of living of the people.

Moreso, It will greatly yield more profit for our farmers whilst reducing losses in farm production.

To transform our agro-industries and tackle shortages, we all have a part to play. Let us support the man that knows how to get the job done, and follow the right movement in 2022.

Join the Asodedero train today and be a part of the winning team that is ready and empowered with the right skills and knowledge to transform not just the agro-industries but also Ekiti-State as a whole.

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