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Our Agenda for prosperous Ekiti has recognised the urgent need to reverse the current narratives around the welfare of our people. The fading hope about the future is leaving both the young and the elderly with anger and desperation. But we will restore hope back into our political and economic scenes. We are placing the welfare of Ekiti people firmly at the heart of our Agenda. Ekiti young men and women shall be supported to become meaningfully productive.

We shall take deliberate actions to expand opportunities for our women. Our initiatives for empowering people living with disabilities are real and practicable. We count the operators in the transport sector, including Drivers, Okada-rider’s and their service providers, as essential workers. We will look after them and work with them to modernise their operations. We shall support Ekiti Senior Citizens who are in need of care and we shall also make use of the potentials of elders to foster community experience and inter-generational solidarity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a caring government that can move speedily to alleviate the suffering of our people? Trust me, we have worked hard to learn from the past in developing a practical proposal for our dear State and we know the time for transformation is now!

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