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Our Date with Destiny

(My Address to All PDP Stakeholders on the submission of my Nomination & EoI Forms at Wadata, Abuja).
I thank God for this special and memorable day. I am here to submit my Nomination Form to express my intention to contest the governorship election in Ekiti State in 2022, under the umbrella of our Great Party– indeed, the greatest Party in Africa–the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). Nigeria’s most solid party built on the solid foundation of equity, openness and fair play.

I want to profoundly appreciate the visionary founding members of the PDP, members of the Board of Trustees, the National Working Committee, Executives in all strata; outstanding, loyal and unwavering stakeholders and the great PDP families and supporters worldwide.

I am excited to be a member of the PDP and it is a priceless privilege which I am not taking for granted at all. I thank the Leadership for making allowance for openness and fair competition, and creating a platform that is available to all members to aspire and actualize their dreams and ambitions in furtherance of the egalitarian and good governance Agenda of our Party. We are open-ended, without being loose; we are liberal, without being permissive. This way, as long as the laid down guidelines and requirements are met any member can aspire, grow and reach the greatest political heights possible. It is ONLY in the PDP that this can happen.

I have held very elaborate consultations, beginning with my strictly immediate family to as far as the farthest stakeholder in and out of our party, especially the key stakeholders in the Ekiti Agenda in and out of the country. Virtually in all these conversations, the conclusion has been the same – we need a step change in our journey. And I have received express permission and assurance of support to go ahead and be the arrowhead, which is the reason this occasion can hold today.

What is happening today is a gradual fulfillment of a lifelong desire. For close to two decades now, I have been preparing for this day. When you read through my biography, you will discover that this is not a sudden, impulsive decision. I am not an accidental or circumstantial aspirant. I am fully convinced that this is my appointed time to serve Ekiti State as a Governor. This explains why I have not felt intimidated by the expectedly suffocating circumstances surrounding this aspiration. I have counted the cost. I have understudied great politicians and people across cultures, professions and frontiers both locally and globally. I have examined critically and comparatively both ancient and contemporary challenges of our society, Ekiti State in particular. Indeed, my trainings, skills acquisition, consultancy interests, my services home and abroad…in fact, all my day to day activities, are carefully organized to give me the cumulative capacity needed to serve my people.

I have gone round the nooks and crannies of Ekiti State several times. I know the state and my people inside out, their yearnings and aspirations. In 2010 when I attempted to represent Ekiti South Senatorial District in the Senate, the stark reality of our situation became more frighteningly glaring. And even now since I expressed my interest in the governorship race, and have been going round the communities, I have seen that the need for a paradigm shift in the system of conducting government business has become increasingly urgent.

The task is daunting, no doubt. But there is no challenge that is intractable or insurmountable. I have taken this long period of time to identify, itemize, and analyse the challenges. I, therefore, can boldly declare very categorically that I understand Ekiti challenges perfectly. And together, God being with us, we shall overcome.

The greatest problem is our inability or unwillingness to convert all that we have, our God given abundant resources and natural endowments to concrete,(developmental and developing) economic empowerments. Our refusal to generate revenues where they are legally and morally expected; while committing funds to the same areas because we know it is expected of the government to do so. In other words, rights without responsibilities. Let me clarify this, there should exist between the government and the governed a symbiotic relationship: such as exists between man and his environment.

The combined negative impacts of policy inconsistency and persistent misplacement of priority have become more visible judging by the way recent governments in Ekiti have been struggling to fulfil its basic obligations to the people.

Consuming without producing or investing has never helped anyone. My training and work experience as a Banker and an Investment Consultant have shown me that no non-investor can become truly wealthy… be it an individual or a State. A parasitical system cannot help any state. A parasite may live on crumbs, but no parasite will ever flourish. That is why a new thinking and orientation must be injected into governance in Ekiti.

Having lived sufficiently with my people in Ekiti, I have realised that leaders that are not sacrificial, not practical, functional, purposeful or result-oriented, but are aloof, ostentatious, nonchalant, selfish or deceitful, will not enjoy a lasting cooperation of Ekiti people.

These and more are the challenges we are set to tackle.

Our people in Ekiti are straight forward and trusting. They like to take you by your words. That is why Ekiti governor must win their confidence. Be more of a Leader and less of a Manager or a Boss. In Ekiti, integrity, sincerity and availability will always count…for them to know that you are in the boat with them…to either soar or sink together. But to soar together…if the Leader has in his heart the fear of GOD, the love of the people and the consciousness of history. Luckily, these are my tested values that Ekiti people know me for.

I have also invested goodwill, time and efforts towards a united PDP in Ekiti. Based on Ekiti political history, the PDP always win elections whenever we approach the polls as a unit. We therefore need a candidate that has demonstrated capability and affinity for inclusiveness. If granted the privilege of bearing the PDP governorship flag in 2022, building on our antecedent of promoting peace across divides, we will lead our great party to victory and reclaim Ekiti back to where it rightfully belongs.

The PDP, under GOD and committed leadership, owes it a sacrosanct duty to rescue our dear state and the Nation from total collapse and restore her to the Pride of Place where it rightly belongs among the comity of Successful and Self sustaining States. We should unite more formidably to save our people, ward by ward; local government by local government; state by state and to eventually save Nigeria. We should not fail to return power to the people of Ekiti in 2022 and to Nigeria in 2023. And I know that: Together, under this large Umbrella, we can!

Thank you all for your time and patience. God Bless Ekiti – the Land of Honour!

PDP Governorship Aspirant
Ekiti 2022

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