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Adaramodu congratulates PDP new National Exco, admonishes party.

In what could be described as a strong message to Nigerians, Kayode Adaramodu said HOPE in the Peoples Democractic Party(PDP) is the vaccine Nigeria and Nigerians needs to reclaim our country from this lackluster All Progressives Congress(APC).

Adaramodu, a leading PDP aspirant in the forthcoming Ekiti gubernatorial election said this in his congratulatory statement to the newly inaugurated members of the PDP National Executive Committee in Abuja on Friday.

According to him, “The assurance that Nigeria will survive and live beyond this contraption is the confidence and certain hope that the PDP will take power back to the people in 2023.

“That very hope and expectation is the existential air the traumatized Nigerians currently breathe. Indeed, the collective salvation of Nigeria and Nigerians lies in the PDP doing all that is democratically expedient to reclaim power in 2023 in order to rescue and rebuild this nation. Make no mistake about it, Nigeria is at the brink! And to many Nigerians 2023 equates eternity, and justifiably so.”

Adaramodu assures Nigerians that the PDP understands the task ahead and had demonstrated capability with the outcome of the November National convention. “It is impressive to note that our party is answering the big call and obvious that the PDP is taking up the challenge and responsibility very seriously.

“The 2021 PDP National Convention that produced the newly inaugurated members of National Working Committee (NWC), deservedly headed by a distinguished personality, Dr Iyorchia Ayu and populated by proven professionals and pragmatic nationalists, is a heartwarming pointer to this great hope.”

He assured the new party leadership that Ekiti is ready for victory come June 18, 2022. “I am excited about the future of our party! For us in Ekiti, we are ready to join hands and work with the new NWC for victory in the 2022 governorship election, which will be the litmus test of the rescue mission.

“Our people in Ekiti are straight forward and trusting. They like to take you by your words. That is why Ekiti governor must win their confidence. In Ekiti, integrity, sincerity and availability will always count. Luckily, these are the tested values and reputation of the men and women that consistitute the current NWC. There is therefore an alignment of purpose.”

He further said that the PDP, living to its creed, owes it a sacrosanct duty to rescue our dear State and the Nation from total collapse and restore her to the Pride of Place where it rightly belongs among the comity of Successful and Self-sustaining nations.

“We should unite more formidably to save our people, ward by ward; local government by local government; state by state and to eventually save Nigeria. We should not fail to return power to the people of Ekiti in 2022 and to Nigeria in 2023. And I know that: Together, under this large Umbrella, we can and are able! He concluded.

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