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In advanced and emerging economies, how productive jobs are created and how labour is absorbed are important issues to development planners. A recent survey in the UK, for example, showed that 91 out

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Our Agenda for prosperous Ekiti has recognised the urgent need to reverse the current narratives around the welfare of our people. The fading hope about the future is leaving both the young and

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In order to maximise the potentials of agriculture in terms of employment generation and wealth creation, we shall develop the agro-processing sector. Agro-processing provides a means of converting raw agricultural materials into final

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One of the best strategies to provide security is to tackle the root causes of insecurity. Leaders must understand that crime is a symptom of deprivation and the lack of opportunity for the

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An alternative strategy to improve service delivery, attract investment, develop infrastructure, reduce costs, and increase accountability is through alliances between government and private sector, each doing its part. PPP has become a powerful

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When leaders are personally accountable, it means they are willing to answer for the outcomes of their choices, their behaviors, and their actions in all situations in which they are involved. Accountable leaders

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A good leader is a good communicator. A leader uses the power of effective communication to promote a sense of optimism about a brighter future and an end to despair and fear. Keeping

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While growing up, we learned education was the key to success and education shapes the young ones to become the leaders of the future. Education was the bedrock of our values and the